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#SAVotes2014 – Live Blog

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Zebra Crossing
A ‘Makwerekwere’ perspective on life and elections in Khayelitsha

I left my two kids and a house with running water and a toilet in Harare for South Africa, hoping to bring my family closer to financial stability.

Stop the whining

Okay. That’s it. I’ve had enough. THESE ARE THE ALL CAPS OF ME HAVING HAD ENOUGH," writes KAREN JEYNES.

Last minute saloon: What stands out in the manifestos?

In case you're still not sure who to vote for, we spoke to Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen, a well-known academic and public policy analyst. He is arguably one of the best qualified people in South Africa to offer informed analysis of the ...

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The cost for community in Woodstock’s gentrification

RA’EESA PATHER visited residents in Woodstock’s Page Lange who have been caught between a spate of new development and their own history.


IMRAN GARDA returned to South Africa last December to film a documentary about the country in the immediate aftermath of Madiba's death. This is his story.

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The elders need not worry: young voters are taking a stand

PONTSHO PILANE spent election day in line at the Wits University voting station. And, despite, the rhetoric that describes the born-free generation as apathetic, she was impressed by many students’ commitment to ...

Election Day: the view from Durban

The day dawned on our country like a holy day. South Africans once more had an opportunity to exercise their freedom and right to vote. But will elections bring real change to our society? NONDUMISO MABASO canvasses ...